5 Reasons You Need a Summer Massage

August is here. 

The last dog days of summer are upon us. We start to mentally prepare for the back-to-school chaos, and before you know it, the holiday season has arrived. In an attempt to brace our spirits for the cold, dark days ahead, we soak up as much fun in the sun as humanly possible. While it's easy to get caught up in all that summer has to offer, it's equally simple to forget to recover properly (from the sun, the stress, the summer-body workouts and of course, the booze).

In order to take care of others, we must first take care of ourselves. Self-care should never be taken lightly! The Spa at Mercedes Club offers a full menu of services, including facials, waxing, and world-class massage therapy. While there's never a wrong time for a massage, a perfect one is while summer is winding down.

Here are 5 reasons why a massage this time of year is specifically helpful:

  1. Me Time - summer means vacations, parties and picnics. We devote a lot of time to bonding with family and friends, and since we’re already nurturing our relationships with loved ones, take an extra step and make time to nurture your own vessel. If you’re already going to a resort or spending long hours traveling, be sure to schedule a massage at your destination.
  2. Increase in Activities - during the warmer months, our social lives and experiences take us outdoors. Engaging in outdoor activities like running, tennis, golf & swimming, plus gardening & yard work, hiking, camping & exploring, adds extra (sometimes undetected, and later, much more painful) stress on your muscles. A massage helps to heal the exhausted muscles and recuperate faster. Don’t let tennis elbow or a sore back keep you off the court!
  3. Summer Sleeping Schedule - while they are breathtaking, the early sunrises and late sunsets can cause our bodies to become confused about when it's time to sleep and how much it needs. Sometimes our bodies find it increasingly challenging to continue the healthy routine of eight hours of sleep per night. The fix? A massage. It increases the body's production of the hormones serotonin and melatonin which helps signal the body and the brain to relax its rhythmic cycle and go to sleep (and stay asleep).
  4. Heat Causes Swelling - just like we learned in elementary science, heat causes objects to expand. That includes our joints. Because of increased activity and increased humidity, many people suffer from joint pain due to inflammation in the joints, more so in summer. A massage helps to increase the blood flow to flush out the static fluid accumulating around the joints and relieving inflammation.
  5. Mental Health Break - we know Autumn is around the corner. The back-to-school commercials have started. So, with the last few days of summer leisure, take the time to be present. Meditate and Massage. Reset your buttons before the holidays cause us to spin back into the intensity of the chilly weather. Clear the well of anxiety, because as it tends to do, it will fill up again. Don't let the well runneth over. Massage the stress and anxiety away!

Well, what are you waiting for? Click the link below to inquire about massage pricing and availability. I look forward to making you feel amazing!

Best in health,

Tym Byers, Mercedes Club Massage Therapist

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