Sleigh the Spa-lidays

SLEIGH! (of course, a festive spin on SLAY, shoutout to Beyoncé) but also.. gifts!

December always feels like the last mile in a race - a mad dash through the shopping malls, across airport terminals, and straight through the holidays. The Spa staff at Mercedes Club are pleased to offer up some sage health advice, plus a few beauty & wellness gift ideas to make the season less chaotic and a bit more comfortable.

It’s true, 'tis the season of giving, but we often leave ourselves off our own recipient list. Don't let stress, anxiety or the crisp winter air steal your joy. Take a moment to treat yourself. Get a relaxing massage at Mercedes Club, and let our world-class therapists break up all that seasonal tension, giving you the endurance to truly slay the holidays. It’s proven that a therapeutic massage helps boost your immune system and helps to stop a seasonal cold in its tracks. New York City is a crowded place, and with that comes a nearly-unstoppable amount of germs and viruses, coursing through the air.. whether it’s on the subways, at work, or at your favorite shopping destination. Let’s get you prepared to face whatever life throws at you.

Seasonal depression got you down? Deep-tissue and Swedish massages will drastically improve your mood and sleeping habits, resetting your internal clock and relieving even the worst anxiety, allowing you to start each day refreshed.

Traveling for the holidays? Whether you're standing in line or stuck in an ever-contracting row of airline seats, your body still needs to move. Pay attention to the places where you build and hold tension, both internally and externally. Take a second (right now!) and free up neck and shoulder pain by doing 3 SLOW neck rolls in both directions. If your upper back is ever seizing up, give yourself a big hug trying to touch your hands to the back of the shoulders and hold it for 20 seconds. If you’re on a long flight, wait for the captain to turn off the seatbelt light and take a casual stroll up and down the aisle and ALWAYS stay hydrated. Your legs and lower back (and your brain) will thank you.


If you ever need any suggestions on how to release tension, stop by the spa and talk to one of our expert therapists. We’re more than happy to help and we’re full of helpful tips on how to stretch and relieve pain from anywhere on the body, especially if you’re short on time and/or space. It’s what we do!

If you’ve never stopped in the spa at Mercedes Club, you should do so before your gift-buying window starts to close. We have plenty of great beauty & wellness gifts, including the award-winning skincare line Eminence Organic. We really cannot think of better stocking stuffers than these products. There’s something for every age, skin type and budget, from tea tree & mint hand sanitizer, citrus lip balm, acai skin treatments, cleansers, moisturizers, masques and more.

Gift certificates are also available for any of our services. Message us at or stop by the hospitality desk for more information. Also, stay tuned for a dedicated, promotional Spa email that will include some amazing gift packages and discounts. If you'd like to inquire now, please email for our current holiday specials.

We want to thank you for being part of another wonderful year at Mercedes Club and we look forward to continuing to provide you with our award-winning therapeutic spa services. We wish you and your loved ones a most Healthy and Happy Holiday & New Year.


Tym Byers

Mercedes Club LMT

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