Memorial Day Weekend 2018

Memorial Day Weekend

Modified Group Exercise Schedule

Friday, May 25th

7:00am Spin - Kate C.

7:00am Yoga - Jade

9:30am Pilates - Erin

12:15pm Intense MetCon - Declan

6:30pm Vinyasa Yoga - Kate S.

Saturday, May 26th

9:00am Barre - Samantha B.

9:00am Spin - Monika

10:00am Vinyasa Yoga - Juan

11:15am Power Sculpt - Fabian

11:15am Pilates - Taylor

12:15pm Yoga Fundamentals - Danielle S.

12:15pm TRX - Fabian

Sunday, May 27th

9:00am Spin - Shayne

9:00am Barre - Erin

10:00am Vinyasa Yoga - Danielle S.

10:15pm Total Body Conditioning - Shayne

11:15am Pilates - Amy

6:00pm Vinya Yoga - April E.

Monday, May 28th

9:30am Barre Bootcamp - Jessica

10:30am HITT - Jessica

10:30am Stretch and Relax - Erin

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