Gear Up for the New Year

Happy New Year!

We've made it to 2018, and traditionally, January has always been the month of self-improvement. We want to start “fresh out of the box,” beginning the year with good habits to strengthen our minds, body and soul. Self-care is a popular resolution, especially after an entire season of giving, and it really is so, so important. We must all take care of ourselves. We can’t take care of others if we don’t first take care of ourselves. Let’s take some time to connect with our breathing, meditate, and clear our minds from distractions. Let’s all hit the refresh button. There’s no better way to do so, than with a spa treatment. When we feel our best and look our best, we perform at our best. I’d like to personally invite you to schedule a massage and experience a true system refresh. Some thoughts:

  1. The most common resolution we make is to lose weight or improve our health in some way. The enthusiasm is there, but quickly the body is not willing. So many people over do it at the gym and quickly lose motivation to continue. Getting a massage will quickly flush out the hormone toxicity that has invaded the body, reduce soreness, and speed muscle recovery to get you back in the gym and feeling good.
  2. The Winter Blues hit New Yorkers hard in January. With the intense cold, wind, and darkness, our moods often plummet. Many will experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). So, if you find yourself feeling unusually depressed, low on energy and/or avoiding socialization, the best thing for you is an invigorating massage. It’s proven that the release of endorphins and serotonin will elevate your mood. A massage will initiate the release of both.
  3. With the holidays over and work back in full swing, many of us experience a surge of anxiety. Realized holiday weight gain, an overflowing inbox and/or extra credit card bills. Plus the pressure to jump start your resolutions. Take a moment to breathe. The holidays are exhausting. There is no better time to receive a relaxing spa treatment, than after the marathon of traveling and socializing with family and friends. Keep the holiday spirit going by giving the gift of a spa treatment to a loved one.
  4. The running theme of all of these examples is true Self-Care. As much as we’d like to be perfect, life throws us changes of mood, energy fluctuations and distractions. So, I encourage all of our massage clients to think of maintaining that sense of well-being that they’ve come to know and love. We get our hair cut regularly because it continues to grow. Massages and facials should also be done on a regular basis, as life’s stressors are just as persistent. Stay ahead of the tension. Prevent knots, insomnia, low energy, and the other ailments that come and go as they please.

Maintain your vessel.

Prevention is always better than treatment. It’s more cost effective, and in this case, feels amazing.

Come visit me at Mercedes Club’s full-service Spa. If you have any questions or special requests, let me know!

Tym Byers - LMT

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