Self Care for the Chilly Air

The fun and warmth of summer are behind us and the chill of the colder months starts to fill the air. As they say on Saturday Night Live, “it’s sweater weather”. 

As many of us look to schedule our flu shots and begin planning our holiday feasts, it's important to make sure we're taking care of not only our body, but our soul as well.

Here are a few suggestions for prepping ourselves for the impending shift in temperature: 

1. Take a hot bath.

While we loved baths as children, a busy lifestyle leaves adults little time to indulge like we used to. In November, take the time for the healing soak of a hot bath, and a dip in Mercedes Club's jacuzzi. The steam helps fight off cold symptoms, reduces pain and inflammation in joints, and helps to improve your overall mood and sleep patterns. If you don’t have access to a bathtub, stop by the jacuzzi and sauna at Mercedes Club. You'll be glad you did. 

2. Incorporate supplements to power up.

Shorter, colder and darker days bring a change in your hormonal balance. Some popular supplements to pick up from your local vitamin shop or online (linked) include:

Vitamin C

One of the safest and most effective nutrients, experts say. It may not be the complete cure for the common cold (though it's thought to help prevent more serious complications) but the benefits of Vitamin C include protection against immune system deficiencies and cardiovascular disease. 

Vitamin D 

We get most of our Vitamin D sun exposure. With less sun hours in the colder months, Vitamin D is a pro hormone that regulates our mood and helps prevent Seasonal Affective Disorder, a cyclical depression that shows its ugly face in winter, leading to fatigue and social withdrawal. Vitamin D, and as much natural light as possible (Mercedes Club being a wonderful source) will help to prevent those symptoms.


The change of daylight often confuses our internal clock. Melatonin boosts the natural hormone in our bodies that helps us fall asleep, without the morning-after lethargy. 

3. Prepare your skin.

The cold air outside, combined with the dry heat inside, soaks up all the moisture in our skin, leaving us with dry, cracked lips, and an irritated face. A healing facial will open up the pores, starting with a deep cleanse then a rejuvenating exfoliation, leaving your skin bright, moisturized and glowing for your holiday parties. Be sure to ask our estheticians about which “at home” moisturizer would work best for your particular skin type. 

4. Stretch your muscles, slowly.

Whether you're jogging along the river or biking to work, cold muscles are much more prone to injury. Be sure to warm up by getting the blood flowing with a light activity like jumping jacks or jogging in place. Stretching a cold muscle can easily result in a pull or strain, so, take the time to get the blood flowing first and start by performing slow, static stretches. 

5. Hot stone massage 

is a tantalizing twist on the classic Swedish Massage, incorporating flat, volcanic rocks heated to 120-135 degrees. They can be placed along the back, stomach, hands, and/or feet and be used by your massage therapist while performing Swedish massage strokes. If you tend to find yourself with cold feet and hands or feel irritably chilly, then you’ll love a massage with heated spa stones. The added pressure and heat of the spa stones will relieve even the tightest muscles. Some health benefits of a hot stone massage include improved circulation and a calming of the nervous system. Many people find the hot stones to be a comforting addition, alleviating stress and anxiety. The feeling of the smooth, warm stones on your skin is also divine, as your muscle tension will simply melt away. The hot stone experience is perfect if you want a slightly deeper upgrade of the classic Swedish massage. Winter is Coming! We at the Spa at Mercedes Club are here to help you conquer it. 

To book a massage or facial, or for more information, send us a message or give us a ring: 212-265-1111

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Let's fight the winter blues together,

Tym Byers

Licensed Massage Therapist | Mercedes Club

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