5 Scents to Awaken Your Soul

5 Scents to Awaken Your Soul, Aromatherapy in Autumn

Fall is filled with the intense aromas of seasonal change. The cool, crisp air is alerting our olfactory nerves to observe and appreciate the changing of the leaves and a fresh harvest of apples, pumpkins, berries and more. To complement the changing of the seasons, look to incorporate aromatherapy into your next massage spa treatment at Mercedes Club. You'll engage your heightened sense of smell like never before, awakening a truly soulful experience.

Aromatherapy Massage is an unmatched curation of essential oils and vibrantly natural scents and fragrances, used to enlist and enhance different physical and emotional reactions. You can use one specific aroma oil or combine your favorites into a cocktail of scents and experiences. Massage therapists will incorporate them into massage oils and hot towels to maximize your spa treatment. Here are five of the most popular essential oils, whose properties have beyond wonderful effects:

Lavender | Relaxer

Lavender is the most popular essential oil used in aromatherapy, and rightfully so, due to its all-around, relaxing qualities. Lavender is an adaptogenic (a balancing oil) and does exactly what the body needs it to do. It is a very effective aroma and an effective remedy for issues ranging from muscular pain and insomnia, to anxiety and stress.

Peppermint | Decongestant

Peppermint offers a refreshing, cool blast that clears nasal passages and heightens senses. Peppermint is especially beneficial for sore, tired muscles and feet, used by pro athletes and holistic healers alike. Peppermint can also aid those who experience hot flashes, while working to stimulate the mind, assist in proper breathing and enhancing focus.

Lemongrass | Sedative

Perhaps some of the most important and appreciated medicinal uses for Lemongrass oil are its sedative effects on the mind and body, relieving tension to aid those with anxiety and insomnia. Lemongrass also reduces both inflammation and itching, making it a favorite for those looking to improve the overall health of their skin.

Rosemary | Energizer

Rosemary is an essential oil especially helpful for the ailments that come with the Autumn season. Its fragrance settles the coughs and loosens mucus to relieve the stuffy headaches that live in the chest and facial mask, letting you enjoy your holiday festivities to the fullest.

Ylang Ylang | Uplifter

Just saying the name makes me smile. Aside from its fun title, one of the most popular properties of Ylang Ylang is its ability to fight depression and relax the body, driving away anxiety, sadness and chronic stress. With its uplifting effect on overall mood, Ylang Ylang is notorious for inducing feelings of hope and joy. 

Countless scents and aromas have been used to alter and enhance moods for dynasties, and now, you too can experience the near-prehistoric hype of aromatherapy, right here at Mercedes Club. Truly treat yourself, to a massage with aromatherapy, and escape to a most perfect place. Invigorate your body and mind like never before. Let’s start your Autumn off the best way imaginable. Why not?

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Best in health,

Tym Byers LMT

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